1°) Winsock connectivity cleaning - 2°) CCleaner running at start_up


[Running XP SP2, AVG Grisoft, Comodo Firewall here]
[BOClean ver. 4.23]

Is it really perfectly safe actually to let BOClean 4.23 clean the Winsock connectivity on a XP SP2 machine ? I didn’t have any problem untill now, but i’m a bit afraid with that “feature”… :-\

Also, what to do with CCleaner ? Can we let it run at start-up ?

Another little problem, I often loose my BOClean icon in the systray, still the prog is running in my tasks… :’(


Thats a very good question, i think most of the users are doing perfectly well with that option (clean winsock) ticked but my experiences are the opposite as you can read here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,8170.0.html

As you should be aware, the items on that right-hand column are completed it CBO has to deal with a malware. Those items are there to address possible traces of the malware, so that the system can be returned to a verifiable clean state. There are times that malware leave traces in these areas, and may be replicated by the system if there backups created and restored after an infection. Thus, just like reformatting, the only way to know that it’s clean is to clear it out completely. This poses a problem for users who have custom HOSTS files and things of that nature, but for the “average joe” IMO it should be fine.

For the second item, when you say it’s still showing in tasks, what executable are you referring to? BOCore.exe, or BOC423.exe?

As for ccleaner, I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking… are you wanting to know if there is a conflict with CBO, or what exactly?


I am, thanks ! But, IMHO, it should more precisely announced in the config window where you select/unselect that option.

Both ! :wink:

Yes, seems to me that CBO actually doesn’t share very well others program launching at the same time (boot start)… Or the inverse… Is it “just a feeling” ?

I mean, since i have installed CBO, my icons on the systray shows 1/2 time (one boot O.K. the other no)

P.S. Sorry for my very bad English !


I don’t disagree there. Historically, it’s been kept very “lean” on purpose. Minimal load, maximum effect. :wink: Feel free to add to the WishList https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7712.0.html

Okay, so you can be confident it’s still running. Are you sure (no disrespect here, just checking…) that it hasn’t just been “hidden” as an inactive icon?

Well, AFAIK, I haven’t had any troubles that way. Could be it takes some resources when it first opens on login. Have you thought about a startup manager?


Keep it like that ! :slight_smile: Users should read the “FAQ’s” and docs…

No, absolutely sure. But the problem may arrise, IMHO, if the machine is not a “speedy” one… I run an old Inspiron 1000 laptop… 2.20Ghz and only 512Mo memory…

Probably. Any recommandation (startup manager) ? :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the support !

Heh, you call that old and not “speedy”? I have it running on my IBM (mfg’d in 97, I think) PC 300PL, a P3/500MHz and 640 MB of RAM. Hasn’t disappeared on me yet. And if you want “old and not speedy” there you go (at least, as compared to your 2.2GHz machine…) :wink:

Recommendations for a startup manager, well there are some listed in the Utilities section of our “useful free programs” collection, located here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1731.0.html


Remembers-me “good ol’ days” and, yes, for sure you keep, the spirit ! Thank you again. It’s good to see that its still exist !

Going immediately on that one ! (:WAV)

Be sure to keep us posted, on how a startup manager (if you decide to use one) helps with CBO…