1 unrecognized file shown, but nothing's there

On the main screen it’s saying that I have 1 unrecognized file… yet when I actually go in there there’s nothing there. It’s been this way for a couple days now. I do notice that when you remove things from there it takes several seconds for it to actually register on the main screen and go back to “0”. Could it be that because I impatiently closed it out once before waiting for it that it didn’t register the change?

Anybody else having this problem? Any idea how to remedy it? Thanks. And I apologize if this was previously addressed. I did browse the topics on the first few pages and the stickies and didn’t see anything that looked like this problem.

Some info. on my setup: Comodo Firewall/D+ v.5.0.162636.1135, Avira Personal v.10, XP Pro SP3

Could you report this please as a bug in the bug reports forum. Please do a report in the standard format (see bug forum stickes), and append screenshots of the unrecognised files folder and the number on the summary page.

Best wishes


Done… thank you.