1 "Threat" found in scan result


The first automatic scan took place last night after I installed CIS.

It found 1 “threat.”
How do I find out for myself if it is a REAL threat?

Here’ it is:
c:\program files\Install Shield Installation Information{*}\data1.hdr

“*” is numbers and letters.

The scan was done on my Toshiba Satellite notebook computer.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.

I’d like to know if there is a website I can go to to lookup “threats” in the future.

–a Computer Newbie

Hello daxapatel,

This is most likely a False Positive, you can find additional info on how to report it here

You can also upload the file to online virusscanners like http://www.virustotal.com or http://camas.comodo.com

Thanks much!!!