1 second error

i keep getting this error

“The last posting from your IP was less than 1 seconds ago. Please try again later.”
(so i cant make a reply here “https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t13910.0.html:frowning: )

i also get the 1second error every time i want to login, i have to login 2-5 times before i dont get the error and actuelly login…

And i use Firefox


I have a similar experience. I am getting this message while login. Please see attached pic.


[attachment deleted by admin]


I got the same message all day yesterday, regardless of browser - I tried Firefox, K-Meleon, and IE7. If anything should’ve worked, it would’ve been IE7.

It finally worked last night, and has ever since. Funny thing was, I received email notifications of PM’s thru the day, so I know others were able to log on. ???

LOL, at least I wasn’t alone… (:WAV)


The problem occurred in the AM (European time) but haven’t had the problem in the afternoon… seems to be solved now.


Not an AM/PM problem. Just now, I tried one more time. The problem exists.


I’ve made my own thread about this been getting the same problem for 1 week now in firefox i sign in it gives me the error message i have to click the home button on firefox to go to my home page then click backspace to log in to the forum.

I too am getting this same issue, had to try about 4 times before it finally worked just now.

Yes, the problem continues. In another thread someone said that changing the timeframe to remain logged in helped. I got blocked again just now, so changed the timeframe from “Forever” to “1 Day” and it worked immediately.



You are definitely right! I logged as forever then no problem. If I logout anyway, the problem reoccurs.


For some unknown reason I can no longer sign in to my original account. All I get is an error message after entering the correct username/password, in order to seek help with a problem I have encountered with CPF I have had to reregister. Humberlad2 (formally Humberlad) Can anyone give me any reason as to why this has happened? Thanks. :THNK

Your other account is called “Humber”, not “Humberlad”. But, there is something very wrong… the BB is generating an invalid URL for the account name. This will need the Admin, we’ll contact him.

Admin: TrackIP of user returns an invalid Poster URL - Humber

OK, the name (Humber) was invalid as well. Your previous account is indeed called humberlad. I think you can get the BB to email you the password.

Hi kail thanks for your response to my query. I did get the password changed but that made no difference, this new account is ok to use then the original can be cancelled if there is a problem with it. Best wishes and thanks again.

I’m still getting the error no matter what… Will this just fix itself in time?

well i use firefox and when it closes it auto deletes cookies. I could turn off the auto delete cookies but then i’d have all those unwanted cookies :o

Download CookieSafe from here. Set Global Policy to Deny All and then when you visit the Comodo forums, choose to Allow the Comodo cookie. For other sites, you can choose to accept cookies for session where sites won’t work without cookies enabled.

It might also be useful to you to know where a particular site is located before granting cookies. There’s another Firefox add-on you can use for that called Shazou which uses Google Maps to display satellite images/maps etc., of the actual site location.

Further to the above i can’t now log in as either humberlad or humberlad2! Could the admin please let me know what is going on as I can’t keep opening new accounts every time I need to post! Thanks for your help. :THNK

wondered about that 1 second bug ! In the last few weeks it occurred 3 times for me., Usually taking multiple retries.

Today the second try I changed the login from “Forever” to 1 week and it worked. Wonder if it could be too many registrations for Forever.


Possibly the default Login should be reversed, and “1 day” should be the default, and for those that require multiple logins they then could change it to Forever.

As new users are added daily to the Comodo Forum, with Forever as the default, the registration names list is probably getting close to being maxed out? (if that is possilbe}

This is the error message: You will have to wait about 1 seconds to login again, sorry.

As you see I am now on version 4 of my log in name. The admin can delete all but the original one if they want, I await to hear whats best. Thanks I just hope this can be sorted.

Hi, Try logging in on each timescale ie 1day 1month so on this should work. Stuart