1) Ignore/clean alert appeared then went. Now what? 2) Does exiting CF close it?

I played Football Manager 2007 a few hours ago. Before I open the game up, I disconnect my internet and turn off my firewall (Comodo) and antivirus (NOD32) to avoid the hassle and worry of alerts, temp files being deleted and false positives.

A few hours later an alert randomly came up saying ‘Heur.suspicious@1’ is in the game’s exe file and gives me the option to ignore (ignore the alert or the application?) or clean. I google this up to make sure I don’t press the wrong button, and the alert disappears.

What’s happened? I hope it hasn’t ‘cleaned’ my game…

Also, I must now ask: Does right clicking Comodo Firewall’s icon and clicking Exit (thus closing the firewall) actually close it? The Windows Security Center would say it’s still on, but looking that up came up with “WSC doesn’t know WTF Comodo’s doing”, so I thought nothing of it.

Ignore from a Defense+ alert will add the file to your Trusted Files list.

No, CIS won’t automatically clean anything. It will take a temporary block action.

You can extend the alerts on-screen time in the Defense+ settings.

If you want to check the file out, you can submit it to Comodo Malware Analysis, or VirusTotal. If it looks clean, add it to your Trusted Files list.

No, that just closes the GUI. Right click on the tray icon and set your Firewall Security Level to Disabled.

Ok thanks. I put the file as a trusted file, so I assume that’s overidden the temporary block.

Comodo could do with being a lot more user-friendly and logical.