protable version crc.exe was altered

I download the new portable version and click the diagnostics button.
It reports the crc.exe was altered so I press the repair button.
Then crc crush.

Os: Vista sp1

Same thing happening on XP Pro SP3.

same on xp sp2

same on XP Home sp2

Now that we covered that it is on almost all XP products, does anyone have a suggestion as to how to fix or if it actually needs to be corrected?

Thanks in advance…

it does not need to be correted as far i’m aware of.

if so, the devs would repair it, and release the updated ver ASAP

It’s completely stable

(WinVista SP1, XP SP1 & 2 & 3)


If you are using Windows at all, why use the portable version?
The Windows versions are very stable.

People use CRC portable to carry around it on a USB Stick,
or even on a network so everyone can access it without installing it on every sing pc


oh, I was mistakenly under the impression portable meant usable on say a Unix or other OS system.
Thanks for the info CG.