0x000000D1 Crash / efe5b32e.sys

I installed COMODO Internet Security 6.3.294583.2937 onto a client’s computer a couple of days ago. Whenever any Internet activity occurred, the computer went to a BSOD with error 0x000000D1 caused by “efe5b32e.sys” which I believe is related the the Windows 7 default driver for the Intel PRO/100 VE network adapter.

I could not leave the computer like this so I had to uninstall CIS and use Microsoft SAecurity Essentials and the Windows 7 Firewall. Doing this stopped the BSOD.

I have no idea what would cause this. I guess an incompatibility between the network card and COMODO? I tried disabling the CIS Firewall to see if that would stop the BSOD but it did not. I can no longer test ideas to try on this computer. I am making this post just to report what happened.

If you get a full dump, or at least a MiniDump, from that computer you can report it as a bug. Just be sure to follow the format in this post and attach a list of their running processes.