0 threats blocked sinds browser started #Privalert #CP

I have surfed around and seen numbers next to the Privalert icon bit the text on the bottom still shows “0 threats blocked since browser started”

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Did you press that wheel and select all trackers?

Right :-\ … now I did.

I did not see that option presented after update CD. How did I suppose to know that. So not checked is not working?

It’s working but it’s not blocking. :a0

Oke what does It do if not checked?

Does not work I suspect ;D (it won’t block them).

Working \ not working
Detect \ block

It’s confusing… :-\

Yep, extension is working if not checked but in spectator mode, it only shows what trackers are on that page but if you enable it then it will block them.
Comodo style. ;D