0 intrusion attempt(s)

I have Modem only and in Control Panel Win. Firewall and Defender are both Off.
Why I have 0 intrusion attempt(s) all the time?
I will tell you what i done when I install CIS:

  1. Firewall → Stealth Ports Wizard → Block all incoming connection
  2. Then I make Rule for uTorrent:
    UDP or TCP
    Source = Any
    Source port = Any
    Destination = Any
    Destination port = 50000 (my uTorrent port)

and thats all.
Now is there any solution of my problem?

Hi jovan,

Question - If you have made yourself stealth (invisible) to everyone, why be concerned about 0 intrusions, you win, don’t you?


hmmm, well, yes! lol
Thank you