0-day test for signature antivirus. New: the size of the set that was tested

The (…) values should match the 0-day testing since there has not been sufficient time to process each set of binaries twice

  1. There are very little difference between them, above 99%.
  2. The number of binary tested is very high (166.900).
  3. Although avast is at the top (which shows a great improvement on 0-day detection), BitDefender detected the major number of samples.

Why there is no COMODO there?
I would never think that Clam (if it that free ClamAV that is with Immunet now) is so good in zero-day detection.

Solarlynx, I imagine that they tested some of the available antivirus applications that were based on detection (signatures). You know, CIS is the main product of Comodo.

What is surprising is that the virus lab guys are having a very hard and good work.
The 0-day detection has increased a lot.