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Problems with email validation process
« on: July 31, 2009, 05:55:55 AM »
The new validation process which requires one to click on a link in an automatically generated email is somewhat flawed and does not take into account real world.

For Australian .au domains the process is particularly problematic.

Because Comodo's use a generic Whois look up which does not access the registrant's email address and NOT the Ausregistry whois which contains the registrant's email address we have to choose from a list of mostly honeypot email addresses for the validation email to be sent to.

One would think that this should not cause a lot of problems but it does - especially when the domain uses an exchange server. Firstly our clients are often not web savvy - they do not have the ability ti set up a new email address on their server. Or they do not know how to whitelist emails sent from doc[at] or even *[at] There can be other issues such as network admins not being co-operative or on holidays or whatever.

The whole process becomes a farce particularly as most spam filters that I have seen - including the one on Gmail blocks your validation email from the address you send from ie.  docs[at] Not that your "support" people know that as they insist it is sent from  "support[at] and support[at]".

I can't see that the email validation process adds anything especially when the SSL is being purchased via a reseller (ie. not a direct sale).


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