Author Topic: PLEASE VOTE HERE!!!!!! (If you are running a poll then pls put a link here!)  (Read 69921 times)

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The idea is already in the waiting area, now please vote yes!
Ability To Detect When Exploits Try To Deliver Payload And Sandbox Payload [W19]

1 vote yes is required to accept! :D
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After Rating Scan, Unknown Files Should Be Added to Unrecognized Files List [W1]
It will be usefull for me and us. It will improve usability of CIS.
Thanks for your votes  :-TU

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Here is my poll (boot-time scan for CIS)

You can vote if you find this useful. It will be then up to the devs to integrate the feature,
if they can or think that it has enough value for COMODO.

Thanks ;)
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Hello Comodo Community!

I've been using Comodo Firewall more more years than I can remember. Like any great project, there can always be improvements :) May I have your views on some ease of use tweaks being recommended?;msg875512#msg875512

Best wishes

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Feel free to comment any ideas/improvements etc.

(I will remove wishes that have been added to the application)

COMODO Internet Security

Verified Wish Reports Not yet added.

Show Sandbox Notification Alert every time you execute a unknown program

Add firewall rule to block internet access for sandboxed applications

Right click: Run Inside Secure Shopping Desktop/Secure Shopping Window

Allow user to see all Counters in Main Window and Widget.

Change Do Not show antivirus alerts To Action when a threat is detected

Wishlist - Waiting Area

Change Color and Placement for buttons in alerts

COMODO Cloud Antivirus

Verified Wish Reports Not yet added.

Add: Previously sandboxed apps Function, similar to Unblock Applications in

Add Confirmation window to: Dont Sandbox/block it again and Run outside

Change: Do Not show virusscope pop-up alerts. To...

Add an option what Walkyrie Should do when a Malicious file is Found

Wishlist - Waiting Area

Right Click; submit to Valkyrie, add options when Valkyrie detect Malicious file

Improved Usability with Clipboard Based Protection (New 26 August 2018)


Excluded Paths vs Excluded Applications can be confusing. Add information ball.

Ask for untrusted Applications. Description Change. (New 23 Oktober 2018)

Do not scan files bigger then. Description Change. (New 23 Oktober 2018)

Internet Security Essentials


Add: Send Anonymous program usage option. inside ISE main interface.
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