Author Topic: Comodo Cleanning Essentials V10.0.0.6111 is released !  (Read 539 times)

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Comodo Cleanning Essentials V10.0.0.6111 is released !
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:51:27 PM »
Hi Guys!  :)

Here we are happy to announce that Comodo Cleaning Essentials V10.0 new version is now released !

It has been a long time since CCE product has not been released with significant new features .From now on we will keep improving Comodo Cleanning Essentials with constant updates according to your feedbacks and comments.

Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance and we will keep improving.

What's new in V10.0.0.6111 ?


•   Command line parameter to randomize CCE window names
(Now there is "-w CustomTitleName" command line switch available, using which any custom name can be given to applications(CCE/KS/AR) title. At times malware are cleaning tools aware e.g. noted here:;msg499194#msg499194,
in worst case they maybe scanning applications by window names as well; to take care of that situation as well, this command line switch has been added)

•   Command line parameter to suppress reboot during scan
(We have now "-noreboot" switch available in CCE as requested here:
•   Option to log threat and unknown files in KillSwitch
(as requested here:

•   Option to hide Microsoft signed files in KillSwitch
(Added in KillSwitch as requested here:
we will add in AutoRun  as well)

•   Set I/O priority in KillSwitch
(As requested here:

 Download Location

Comodo Cleaning Essentials V10.0.0.6111

32-Bit OS:
64-Bit OS:


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