Author Topic: Report Ads Delivered By AdTrustMedia Which You Believe May Not Be TrustWorthy  (Read 15202 times)

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1. Direct link in the ad:

2. Suspicious site to which the suspicious ad linked:

3. Explanation of why I believe the ad to be suspicious:
description of site, lifted from the ad: "Now pick a girl and join the cam to cam sex. The best Live chat with private women or boys in cam sex LiveCam. Join for FREE." This appears on Google after I entered the search term "Institute of Design and Construction" so I don't see why I am being subjected to this, plus it is obviously shady, and who in their right mind advertises sex chat with "boys"? I would hope that is just another word for "adult men."

4. Screenshot of Ad:
It looks just like a standard Google ad; just text. I can close it, revealing the actual Google Ads.

And this leads me to my main beef: I clearly have my PrivDog settings set to do not allow AdTrustMedia Ads, but they are shown anyway, so why lead the user to believe they have control over something they do not? I tried to contact PrivDog directly, via info[at], but the e-mail was undeliverable.

Please do not post direct clickable links to sites like these, link broken
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