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Thanksgiving day
« on: December 04, 2011, 06:16:56 PM »
I just want to thank you, Melih, for having released this really great prog, the best one (imo) you've been giving to us for free since the initial release of that VERY Comodo Firewall.

Comodo Firewall nowadays is, for sure (along with it's xpanded editions... ;) ) one heaven (no, not hell) of a program.
Ok, it's one helluva program as well, of course...! ;)
It all depends on how you tend to express yourself in your native tongue...

Keep on doing such great things to us!

Cheers, REBOL.

P.S.: You're almost a holy man now!
Still, I'd really like to have a bavarian beer with you, some day. Who knows?
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