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Comodo EasyVPN 1.0.65297.58 released.
« on: May 12, 2009, 12:31:41 PM »
Comodo EasyVPN 1.0.65297.58 is now available for download from:

32 bit version
Size: 4.88MB (5,122,048 bytes)
MD5 - DADADA4AD55F752F2F0D33F9D9454DDC
SHA1 – BBABBDC27B603E1243FC03C5E3596E21AB5D466B

64 bit version
Size: 6.30MB (6,615,552 bytes)
MD5 - 9316343ACBC4EBE7E780CB15A12935E3
SHA1 – C361DDAE8ABCF6C7FBDB719C42ED6C1F11125491

New in this version:
--FIXED Message history can not display smileys which are sent by self.
--FIXED Contacts cannot be moved to the group where group name contains more than 19 characters.
--FIXED Files can be dragged and dropped into the Network Conversation window.
--FIXED bug where EasyVPN terminates during the Conference with Network.
--FIXED One user name is remembered unexpectedly if the Remember me check box is checked.
--FIXED The conversation window closed unexpectedly after clicking the ESC button 3 times when sending the files to other contacts.
--FIXED Some prompt messages in the conversation window do not display automatically at the bottom of the window.
--FIXED Issue where EasyVPN terminates on signing in attempt in case of non-administrator account
--FIXED Characters case on the login page
--FIXED The password can be remembered without the "Remember my password" option checking on.
--FIXED Client terminates during receiving global messages
--FIXED Changing default ports of server and the client
--FIXED Issue where search button erase text which user wants to send
--FIXED Unnecessary word Say in history
--FIXED Own message in conference history has no owner if user name contains capital letters
--FIXED Text is silently truncated on pasting to text input area of dialog.
--FIXED Line breaks in invitation text
--FIXED Files with international symbols in name can not be sent  
--FIXED Issue where EasyVPN client sometimes terminates after canceling the file sending process.
--FIXED Bug where EasyVPN can not be showed as Away automatically when inactive for N minutes.
--FIXED The new password can not be changed
--FIXED The result for search the contacts is overlapping if the contact has left a network and then joins in again.
--FIXED Transfer of files cannot be deleted after cancelling the process of the transfer.
--FIXED File Transfer Control Refresh Error.
--FIXED Issue with lost user of network groups.
--FIXED Issue under certain conditions where EasyVPN client cannot start the virtual adapter after installation.
--FIXED Numerous GUI related glitches.
--FIXED Issue with Windows Remote Desktop Connection whre EasyVPN is disconnected.
--FIXED Issue where EasVPN hangs during a logout of Windows Remote Desktop.
--FIXED Compatible issue with applications that use layered service providers such as anti-virus, anti-spam and Comodo SecureEmail.
--FIXED Error with the position of main window.
--FIXED Issue where EasyVPN terminates during user logout during file transfer.

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Re: Comodo EasyVPN 1.0.65297.58 released.
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2009, 04:13:56 AM »
Please post your bug reports here
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