Author Topic: What is a firewall? Here is the layman's explanation :)  (Read 45522 times)

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Re: What is a firewall? Here is the layman's explanation :)
« Reply #15 on: November 20, 2010, 01:48:35 AM »
Hello at all
Very very excellent  :-TU way of defining a firewall Melih
Kind regards

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Re: What is a firewall? Here is the layman's explanation :)
« Reply #16 on: January 11, 2011, 03:24:27 AM » explanation that actually makes real sense - Thank you! I am such a n00b to Comodo, I was wondering if there is a Comodo 101 section somewhere that I could study.  I'm confused  ??? I thought I downloaded just the firewall, but, have found some antivirus events that were found and isolated.

One of my main sources of confusion is what to do with something that the firewall doesn't recognize. That nifty tab slides up and announces the file or whatever it has found and asks me what to do with it. Sometimes I'm sure I know what it is, and click the "allow" button.  Many other times, It's a funky (to this n00b) string of letters/numbers with .exe or some other extension, and I really don't have a clue what it is.  These usually end up in the sandbox - even though I don't yet really understand just what that is (my cats know), or how to get said ap out of there if I find I need it later 88)

Other times, it will send something I absolutely recognize (such as my web cam, or, an update from my antivirus program) to the sandbox, even though I've told it repeatedly that I know and trust the application!

My son pointed out yesterday that he couldn't update the virus definitions (not Comodo) because he couldn't find the program!  When I did some looking around in the firewall logs.....there were a lot of isolated items that should have gone through cuz they were from my antivirus program and should have been trusted  :-\

It should be obvious by now that I need to be directed to a place where I can study how to use this firewall product. 

I've been putting off asking about this because I keep thinking that even though I'm new to this product, I should be able to figure it out.

Friends ask me "Why use a product that you don't know how to use? Couldn't that end up doing more harm than good?"  They have a point.  Any chance of meaningful guidance for this n00b?

Confused, but, trainable


This is a very extensive guide to Comodo Internet Security, it should help alot and it's from comodo's own site so it's safe. also it is organized well so you can easily read what you want by subject instead of scanning through the whole help page.

Also i have to ask what Antivirus are you using because it could be a fake antivirus that comodo doesn't know about therefor going to the sandbox which puts strict limits on what files can do. if the file is unknown and in the sandbox i believe it automatacly submits the file to comodo's lab to test the file. if it's good then it lets it free. if its bad then it get's rid of it.

if you have a well known antivirus make sure you downloaded it from the antiviruses real site. also if it is a well known antivirus but someone deleted the antivirus vendor from your trusted vendors list which comodo will allow then it will block it or sandbox it.

also if files aren't digitally signed then comodo may sandbox it or prompt you to do something. i can't remember which. usually software is digitally signed. malware i don't think can get signed. if it can then it is really hard for it to get signed but that's why comodo only trust files if it is both on the vendors list and signed. if it doesn't have both then comodo doesn't allow it unless you tell comodo to allow it or to take it out of the sandbox.

if you can get how to work comodo and i think you can then you will have the best security in the world.
comodo is soon adding the ability to scan with all antivirus scanners at once in comodo internet security even the ones you have to pay for and they're giving it all to you for free. you seem to know a little more than the average user and don't sound like you're intimidated by things you don't understand. i applaud you for learning.

also if you need more help you can ask Melih the founder of comodo directly for advice and help through this link;sa=send;u=3

also add him as a buddy through this link

and feel free to ask me questions directly as well if you want to

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Re: What is a firewall? Here is the layman's explanation :)
« Reply #17 on: January 19, 2011, 11:51:02 AM »
Very good, but then you need to also have a version of this to deal with all thost times that CIS thinks there is an electronic tag, but it is a false positive. I guess a bit like going through airport security and the system bleeps because you left a coin in your pocket.

That's an easy illustration, but how to deal with the one where you know you are 100% squeaky clean but the system still thinks you are a terrorist, the alarms go off, hell breaks loose, the police grab you and stick you in a cell until your lawyer can get to you or they send a photo and dna prints of you off to their HQ. This of course, is D+ and the sandbox. Assumed guilty until proven innocent, sometimes at great time and expense.



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