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Which i kind of wonder if kaspersky is as good as they say it is now... Comodo is the only thing thats ever worked for me. Fees to test antiviruses? Paying for it to be tested? Sounds Corrupt.  Sounds like AV Comparatives may be corrupt.  Any money that changes hands is not good with AV testers. I would advise you to not pay them anything and bring them to court for their corruption.
If you read about their testing regiment it is pretty extensive. That kind of testing is not cheap. There is a difference between paying to have your product tested and bribing a tester to give you good results.

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I believe they just cannot make good tests free of charge. It's not a trivial procedure.

That's a valid point.

Even running the most basic of comparison tests (static detection) is time consuming,let alone complex dynamic comparisons.

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I believe we can demand av testing companies some independent certification of their procedures. Actually what Melih proposed to AV-Comparatives and even offered them if I remember correctly it was $50000 support for this aim.


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