Author Topic: Hello, everybody, I have one question that tortures me about that NSA thing...  (Read 2830 times)

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I saw here that Comodo is one of 4 products from which Leaked files from state-sponsored hackers reveal which protection their trojans can’t get past:

But what If you look at the "Echelon NSA Group" they were using undetectable hard drive firmware rootkits to get persistence-can Comodo protect against this at all????

As well as this:

I'm not an expert, so I won't write anything, I'm simply curious that's all.

Also, I have repeteadly reading that what Comodo needs is an anti-exploit-any plans for this?

Big thanks to everyone, I hope I didn't take too much time, most of the time I only read Comodo's forums (when I have time), I'm not writing anything, but this thing with NSA and this hard drive rootkit and spyware really worries me, hmmm...

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Both the NSA hack as the Hacking Team hack require physical access to a computer or possibly remote access. The latter would find CIS protection mechanisms as a tough opponent.


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