Author Topic: Comodo Firewall Users: Windows Firewall is still running in the background  (Read 1423 times)

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Don't make the mistake of thinking Comodo Firewall replaces Windows Defender Firewall. It doesn't - it only looks like it does. Recent changes to Windows 10 mean you must MANUALLY turn off Windows firewall (for all three network profiles).

Why is this a problem?

1. It forces you to administer two firewalls. For example, let's say you want to allow Kindle.exe to access the network. You must allow Kindle.exe in both Comodo Firewall and Windows Firewall.

2. By default Windows Defender Firewall allows inbound dozens of apps.

So, how do Comodo Firewall users turn off Windows Firewall?

Windows 10 Start Menu
  > Control Panel
    > Windows Defender Firewall
      > Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off
        > Select each of the profiles in turn (Private / Public / Domain)
          > Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended)

Now Windows Defender Firewall is OFF / Comodo is ON. To check:

Windows 10 Start Menu
  > Settings
    > Update & Security
      > Windows Security
        > Firewall & Network protection
          > Public network (you can also check Domain / Private)

This page should now show:

  COMODO Firewall is turned on
  No action needed.

  Windows Defender Firewall
  Windows Defender Firewall is not active because you are using other providers.

See the attached image. As a final configuration, you might like to set Comodo Firewall > Firewall Settings > Custom Ruleset.
Comodo will prompt you when any apps try to connect to the internet.

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Protip! If for whatever reason you end up getting the settings app instead of the real control panel.

Windows key + R and then type "Control"

Without the quotations. 
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