Author Topic: ciscleanuptool_x64 Old v3.0.0.41 won't resume after asking for reboot  (Read 184 times)

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I'd like to report a strange behavior with one of COMODO utility.

After downloading and running ciscleanuptool_x64 Old v3.0.0.41 it asks for a reboot, but it won't resume after rebooting. Only when launching CIS installation (from .exe) will that action trigger ciscleanuptool_x64 Old v3.0.0.41 to resume (scanning) after the reboot (which leads to a loop of uninstalling CIS during its installation through different attempts).

Thanks in advance,

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Re: ciscleanuptool_x64 Old v3.0.0.41 won't resume after asking for reboot
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Hi burialfaith,

Thank you for reporting.
CIScleanuptool should be used if you can not uninstall Comodo Internet Security, Comodo firewall or Comodo Antivirus from Add/Remove or Uninstall section of Windows.
And cisclanuptool_x64 v3.0.0.41 will attempt to restart the system twice to remove cis files completely.
Kindly refer the below link if you want to use ciscleanuptool_x64 v3.0.0.41;msg920161#msg920161



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