Author Topic: Internet Security Helper Service fails to start - what should I do? (v5)  (Read 8732 times)

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If your version of windows allows it, try the following:

Go to Control panel ~ Administrative tools ~ Event log

Scroll down in event log till you find error with ID 7000 (COMODO Internet Security Helper Service did not start in time). In the right click context menu for this task you can assign a task to this event ID

In task action pane you can enter C:\Windows\System32\net.exe start "COMODO Internet Security Helper Service"

Now reboot and all should be well

Thanks to BuckyKid for this workaround.

Otherwise create a .cmd or .bat file containing the following line:
Net start "COMODO Internet Security Helper Service"

Place a shortcut to this file in your startup folder (Start ~ All programs ~ Startup). Double click on Startup to open the folder and drag shortcut from .cmd file to the folder.

Then reboot and all should be well.
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