Author Topic: Does CIS 3.5.x support Windows 7 beta?  (Read 12953 times)

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Does CIS 3.5.x support Windows 7 beta?
« on: January 15, 2009, 01:29:56 PM »
Does CIS support Windows 7 beta ?

No it does not, you can use it if you like but there are some known limitations.

Install under Windows 7 use the right mouse properties on the installer and set "compatibility" to "Vista" NOT XP !!
Also "Run as Administrator"

Do not forget to DISABLE the windows firewall for all profiles (Work/Home/Public).

What seems to work:
- AV Scanning
- AV Updating
- Defense+

What is not optimal:
- Firewall the applications are not recognized resulting in all rules being written on the "Windows Operating System"
- Firewall will block incoming traffic if not explicitly allowed so you are stealth.

What does not work:
- Check for program updates.
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