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I can't stop wondering. Comodo is destroying something that works fine, then it takes months to fix it. And when it's finally fixed... new version comes out just to destroy everything again...  ;D
AntiVirus Help - CIS / Excessive Disk Usage
« Last post by adnanwk on Today at 09:25:34 AM »
CIS should be intelligent enough that when the disk usage is excessive, it should get into sense and give control of the computer to the user.

As you can see, it is taking 100% disk usage. This is happening for last 1 hour. I have disabled AntiVirus, HIPS, Viruscope, and still the usage is 100%, and the user is CAWP.  In my resource monitor, I can see 100s of CAWP processes using disk. Only 5 or maybe 10 other processes are there. WHY? Isn't it crazy?

Now I have to disable firewall so that I can work on MY COMPUTER. Why firewall is scanning all my Office files? I am not using office at the moment.

What is the logic of scanning Pagefile.sys ? 

This behaviour makes user more vulnerable to the threats than the excessive security provided by the CIS.

System: Win 10 Home. All updates. Core i7 7th Gen system with 16GB RAM.
I wonder if you can create junctions for it to write on a other disks.

It's a good experimental concept.

For the test I created a virtual non-volatile RAMdisk NTFS (when shutting down the machine, automatically saved to the disk, and restored with the previous content at startup), which contains the destination of the junction point of the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Comodo\Firewall Pro.

The question is how stable this solution is and whether it does not create some fields of security risk. I copied the access permissions of the original folder, but the folder itself does not look as protected by Comodo as the one. It may require adding a rule to HIPS-> ProtectedObjects-> ProtectedFiles.

I'm testing it for a while yet.
I wonder if you can create junctions for it to write on a other disks.
Thank you all very much. The new configuration settings seem to work for the last few days without giving that alert.  :)
An error occurs because of the system locale.
It is not affected by the application locale.
Did Adaware quarantine cavwp.exe when you ran it in Safe Mode? If you did please restore cavwp.exe. Then add the Comodo folder to the exclusions of Adaware and submit the detection to Adaware as a false positive.

I had no idea of the results of the scan while it was in safe mode. I don't think the log results were even saved by adaware. But earlier today I actually let a scan run while I was at work. This time it actually did delete it. However the file still exist in c:\program files\comodo\comodo internet security\. So, I guess it wasn't actually deleted. I will be contacting Adaware about it. Thank you all for the help. You all are awesome.
This is not a Comodo issue you need to tell Adaware to fix the false positive, also running more than one security software is not recommended as it will cause issues. As for the crash you need to take note of the faulting driver if it is listed at the blue screen, and you need to collect the generated memory dump as long as you have kernel memory dump set for write debugging information under system properties.

Thank you for the reply. I was thinking it was probably a false positive. I plan on contacting adaware soon. That error was for a faulty driver? Oh, I thought it might've been related. Thank you for the help, and sorry if I'm being inane. I'm not a expert with computers. lol
Firewall Help - CIS / Re: I'm moving from Zonealarm to Comodo, Help!
« Last post by mmalheiros on Yesterday at 10:26:02 PM »
If you want strong Malware protection then apply Cruelsister's settings as shown in this video:

For easily customising Trusted Vendors List, follow steps of this video:
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