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False positive - please exclude this site from Phishing. This is legitimate and clean site of Renaissance Credit bank
But this is False Negative: - this is phishing site
Подскажите, где взять утилиту удаления Comodo Cloud Antivirus?
Систему валит в BSOD, в безопасном режиме удалить не удаётся стандартным способом.

Почему комодо начал ругатся на яндекс браузер, там офф ссылка браузера стоит.  Подскажите.
It's ok
Hi blade120,

This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed.
You can update to AV database Version <29380> of  Comodo Internet Security Version <> and confirm it.

Kind Regards,
Ananthalakshmi M
Thank you for your reply,

I have FreeBSD, with NGiNX and phpfpm installed on my server and I tried to install Comodo WAF but I faced aome errors.

Would you please confirm if this plugin is compatible with my server ?

Thank you
Hi, futuretech

I just installed it. Both the dashboard (cis.exe) and the agent  (cisTray.exe) started up without crashing. Let's hope it stays like this.

Of course, this version has other problems. Windows thinks it is off and I have no firewall.
Hi blade120,

Thanks for your submission,
we'll check it and get back to you soon!

Best regards,

Bug Reports - CIS / Re: CIS Crashed
« Last post by Pixo1 on Yesterday at 05:42:33 PM »
Latest beta has a fix for the crash that you can try.

Well that beta doesn't fix THAT problem BUT i have good news: Beta 6634 seems to work just fine (for the SPECIFIC problem).

Bug Reports - CIS / Re: CIS Crashed
« Last post by futuretech on Yesterday at 03:33:21 PM »
Latest beta has a fix for the crash that you can try.
I was very pleased with CIS 10 but now I try to install CIS 11 two days long, without any success.

After installation the tray icon won't be shown. It's also not possible to start CIS manually. It is running but I cannot access it. Also three minutes after start it crashes. I have already deinstalled it and used the CIS Cleanup Tool in Windows 10 safe mode. Nothing works.

Any idea?
Is CIS 10 still available?

I am having the same problem too.Er... So, my computer will have no security for 20 days? ????

Don't you prefer that use a slightly older version of Comodo instead of going to another vendor during this 20 days?
Can you try the latest beta which is supposed to have a fix for this issue and see if it is fixed?
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