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Hips в параноидальном режиме, никогда таких запросов не было. До этого сделал тотальную дефрагментацию харда, с переносом программ по загрузке. Читал где то что после такого программы могут по разному отреагировать. Но это так для инфы. Потом качал архив подозрительный, ресурс не очень... Но выбора не было. проверил вроде все чисто. При попытке открыть полезли запросы на глобальный хук от архиваторов 7zip и winrar, после еще от некоторых программ. Все они более чем доверенные. Как я понял хук такой стоит на многих процессах, связан он с клавиатурой. Но почему запросил для некоторых вновь?

yesterday i have the problem....and with 2 or 3 updating, goes away... even i start dont care... so i start living with that "problem". :D
It was only briefly on PlayStore and then moved to Amazon Store and since removed but has not been developed further. You may be able to Download the .apk manually from here but you have to allow from Unknown Sources in Android for that. I suggest trying out Opera for Android.
Does Keepass store the password in the cloud or local on your computer?
Comodo WebInspector - CWI / Re: is webinspector working?
« Last post by klever on Today at 03:17:07 PM »
Hi Klever,

Please remove the website and re-add it using the wizard. It will help.

James Lawrence.

It dosen't help anything, the scan is still processing.
Bug Reports - CIS / Re: High CPU usage
« Last post by domspiegel on Today at 02:59:33 PM »
in case you're wondering, many people in my company is having this issue too. just so you know it's not localise

and for some reason, we have "cavwp.exe" running... why ? I never installed comodo antivirus, and disabled virusscope, hips etc... (except the firewall)
I am surprised that the subject has been transferred to this topic, not really suitable ????
as of today , keep getting this repeating update error :

website database can not be downloaded....
That's incidental: it comes and goes. At this moment, and also from the Netherlands, I see no problem with updating website databases.
I'm talking about Keepass and not Keyscrambler. These are not the same programs.
Keepass is a password manager while Keyscrambler is a software against Keyloggers.
On the computer where I put Comodo Secure Schopping I do not use CIS.
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