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Author Topic: use of comodo & geekbuddy  (Read 5812 times)

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use of comodo & geekbuddy
« on: April 08, 2011, 03:35:36 AM »
I am living in iran.but I have do not global bank!
please help me for resolved this problem.for more use of comodo and geekbuddy????????

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Re: use of comodo & geekbuddy
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2011, 06:02:47 AM »
Hi armin.k, welcome to the forum

1st, you did not formulate the real problem you are facing  at all
Then , provide information about your system environment
What OS ; SP, platform;  additional security (if any) with real-times being active ?
As for Comodo - what components are in place? What version? ... etc.

do not global bank!
means what? that you are not using any on-line services for banking/financial purposes  ?
how that possibly apply either to "Comodo" or "geekbuddy" Can you please clarify that?

What is the aim of the poll that you've created ?

Comodo Suite (or any component chosen) is a totally free including all functionality without any features left behind as many paid security do
GeekBuddy is just a service established in order to get on-line help by the specialists that can reach/access your PC. That is payed service. You have trial time though in order to test it

Can you please tell - what is a correlation between those poll items ?
Personally I cannot see that

My regards
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Main OS - Ubuntu
XP Pro, SP3 (32bit), Admin; Comodo Firewall 3.14.130099.587; Proactive with Defense+; Emsisoft Anti-Malware v9; Sandboxie
Win 7 x64, Admin (UAC off); Win7 advanced FW +TinyWall; Emsisoft Anti-Malware v9; Sandboxie
Win 7 Ultimate 32bit (UAC off); Emsisoft Internet Security v9 beta


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