Author Topic: Recomendations For Improving the forum  (Read 3740 times)

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Recomendations For Improving the forum
« on: October 30, 2006, 11:53:31 PM »
Hello I am new to the forum and have just a small recommendation to improve navigation of the forum.  Have posts sortable by date.  I did a search and found that the dates were not in any particular order.  It helps ,for me at least, to sort things as if something was resolved a week ago and I read a post from eg. three years ago I know that that is a moot point.  I know I could look at the dates but when they all jump around in no particular order...  Lets just say that I have a hard enough time trying to get on the computer (between 3 kids and a wife) besides trying to fix it.  I would like to be able to read preventative mesures instead of corrective. 

Thank you for you time. 

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Re: Recomendations For Improving the forum
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2006, 09:17:17 PM »
Hi littledog & welcome to the forums.

On the Search screen there is the Advanced search link. On the Advanced search page you are able to set the Search order to 2 different date options; Most recent topics first & Oldest topic first.

I hope that helps.

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