Author Topic: PrivDog AND Ghostery?  (Read 33355 times)

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Re: PrivDog AND Ghostery?
« Reply #45 on: August 18, 2014, 06:49:51 PM »
How about making that new application also capable of blocking big lists like used for tools like Peerblock?

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Re: PrivDog AND Ghostery?
« Reply #46 on: September 09, 2014, 12:30:51 AM »
You only need PrivDog.

PrivDog protects you from more threats.

Ghostery is owned by a company called Evidon (

PrivDog is owned by me :) Our DNA is about protecting our users. We are trying to protect our users from any and every privacy issue and Advertising is a threat vector that must be managed. Of course we have to do this without hurting the environment.

For any site that is trying to track you and mess around with your privacy your own Privacy Dog (PrivDog) will first Bark, then Bite...and to finish it off...Pee on the site!!!! :)

I never read threads; I react to the title of the thread; I'm a posting fool.

I use Win2003 R2, CIS v5.12.256249.2599, Ice Dragon v26.0.0.2 + PrivDog v2.2.0.14 + NoScript v2.

The synergy betwixt CIS, Ice Dragon, PrivDog + NoScript is exquisite.

My perspective is that NoScript blocks all JavaScript from interweb pages otherwise unallowed, while PrivDog interdicts potential malicious use of cookies on pages that are explicitly allowed by NoScript.

Firebox NoScript add-on will 100% block all potential malicious JavaScript and thereby prevent virtually all drive-by downloads, but 99% of netsites functionality will be broken likewise.

Allowing JavaScript to execute on a trusted-site by site basis - per NoScript - backstopped by PrivDog's interdiction of potentially malicious use of cookies (for privacy invasion), is the epitome of multi-layered dictum of network security.
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