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FAQ Threads
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♪ Mixed Topics ♪

Upgrade from CFP version 2 | Update Patches,15193.0.html,22805.0.html

32 or 64 Bit Version?,15455.0.html

Version History,23484.0.html

Installation | Uninstallation,15069.0.html,17220.0.html

CFP 3 Online Wikipedia

Undo Blocked Actions/Programs/Rules,16534.0.html,17174.0.html,20101.0.html,21168.0.html,22744.0.html

Windows Security Center,19445.0.html

Defense+ "Optimum" vs Firewall "Network" Protection,22524.0.html

Update Issues (Error 106 | Never-Ending Updates),18966.0.html,19645.0.html,22396.0.html

What Happens After x Seconds of Not Answering an Alert,22784.0.html

Defense+ Topics

Vista's User Account Control (UAC),20463.0.html

Purge vs Remove in Pending Files,15272.0.html,16520.0.html

Lookup & Submit in Pending Files,15485.0.html,16147.0.html

Anti-Virus Still Needed with CFP?,22365.0.html

CFP's Built-In Anti-Virus,21175.0.html


¤ Firewall Topics ¤

Blocked Intrusion Attempts,18647.0.html

Fragmented IP Datagrams, Protocol Analysis, ARP Cache,22328.0.html

Failed Port Scanning Test (Ping Reply, etc.),22706.0.html

"The network firewall is not functioning properly" Alert,15023.0.html,26656.0.html

"New Private Network Detected!" Alert,15763.0.html

Virtual Private Network (VPN),15068.0.html

P2P: Emule, uTorrent ...,14735.0.html,15677.0.html

Reset Settings/Rules,20719.0.html,22480.0.html

Advanced Ruleset To Replace Global Rules,18580.0.html

As part of our continual forum roaming (trolling?), if we come across additional posts we believe are FAQ-worthy, we'll update this thread.  If you come across a post that you believe is FAQ-worthy that we have not yet spotted or included, or have written one yourself (many thanks in advance!), please contact (private message ) us Admins and Mods.

INFO:Just a reminder, Some of these topics may be old or unanswered for some time, If you have a specific problem with the related threads above (actual problems on your computer), Start a new thread if necessary! It's OK though to reply to Merged threads, etc Because they are similar. But for "Single-Thread" Resolved topics/posts, Unanswered topics/posts (for quite a while)... Please start a new topic. -3xist.
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