Author Topic: CPF Blocking Remote Desktop Access [Resolved]  (Read 9471 times)

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CPF Blocking Remote Desktop Access [Resolved]
« on: December 17, 2008, 03:36:44 AM »
I have read thru a bunch of other posts about CPF blocking Remote Desktop, and I have tried all of the suggestions (well, the ones i could find).  Right now, I have a FW rule for all incoming TCP on 3389 (Global) and a FW rule on svchost.exe to allow for incoming on 3389.  When I test it with Shields Up ( it comes back blank, and my logs show that "Windows Operating System      Blocked      TCP     [grc ip]     [random port] (me)        3389         [date]".  It doesnt look like it is ever hitting the svchost rule i have in place.   

My question.... What rule would be listed as "Windows Operating System"?  and be stealthing this port while i can still open up uTorrent and mIRC ports?

............  **Apply forehead to wall** ..............
then enable RDP on host......
Repeat step 1.
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