Author Topic: HDD with Windows 7 don't boot [NEW CASE]  (Read 3813 times)

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HDD with Windows 7 don't boot [NEW CASE]
« on: May 06, 2013, 01:55:47 PM »
Hi all, I'm really disapointed with this software. I saw any solutions to na HDD that don't boot after encrypt, but my case no one Works...

My case is diferente that all others, because I tried to do the comand "fixboot" and "fixmbr", and now the only message showing on the screen is "Missing Operational System"...

I really need to recover my data, I don't have any backup....

I need a big help please, remember, I try to access to all ways, using the prompt commands is worst!

Please can someone help me!?  I just need to recover my data! Please!

Thanks in advance

 ??? :embarassed: >:(


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