Author Topic: 1.2.x to 2x, cant start my system and cant add encrypted partition from other PC  (Read 44613 times)

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I used Comodo in 1.2.x veriosn, Everyting works fine.
My system is windows XP SP3 PROF, I use ESET Smart Security 5.

I Encrypted two partition, system (c) and D, Using SHA256 Blowifish.
Use this software one 2months.

Today i update Comodo to 2.x ver. and restart PC.
Restart system and write the password. System bootup and restarted.
Always and always.

So i remove my hard disk, and connect to other PC. In comodo 1.2.x i go to
Tools - Add Ecncrypted partition, but comodo says:

"Collecting the information.....G:\ will be as encrypted"

BUT next info is:
Cannot add encrypted partition, make sure...."

Im sure is password is correct, i write it everyday :)
I try all combination od hash andencryption... Still dont work

I remeber in install 2.0  setup ask setup say is comodo is work, so i off comodo, intalation repleace one file, but i dont remeber what files.

So any IDEA how to decrypt my HDD? How FIXit?

Thanks for help

Sorry, but i dont read all post, my english is not good :)

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OK, now my disk is decrypting, how?

So i install new system on new hard drive, and connect, old disc, but comodo dont see my encrypted partition. I write obout this in this post.

I thing, and started encrypt my new disc C, the same sha256 blowfish, AND THE SAME PASSWORD!

Rebot system, give password in start, and comodo SEE MY ENCRYPTED partition :)

I thing i resolve my problem.

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Hey and warm welcome! :)

Glad to hear you solved your issue.

for the next time I suggest you test new product on a virtual machine, such as wmware or virtual box. I made a thread so search for it :)
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