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Re: The Everything Is Off-Topic Thread
« Reply #6585 on: June 30, 2017, 02:02:48 PM »
Thought of the day: we are measuring human evolution trough technology, making great steps for humankind but not so great steps for humanity, empathy. It's interesting that we, as species, increased our productivity trough technology but not our understanding, humanity; when discussing human evolution, empathy is not implied.. however, it implies financial and technological advancements & a possible loss of (apparent) moral principles for the sake of evolution.
Humanity isn’t measurable and profitable. Our human society is built by human beings, but not really for human beings. We are servants of the holy profit. And as soon as we call anything holy, humanity and sanity are doomed. I think all agree that humanity and empathy are desirable, but if they stand in the way for profit, that desire proves to be rather shallow and weak. And when political leaders are shortsighted nincompoops (like a certain minority-elected president) rather than humanists (society’s conscience), what can we do?
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Re: The Everything Is Off-Topic Thread
« Reply #6586 on: September 01, 2017, 07:45:47 PM »
You know.. some users complain that CIS update is stuck in a loop.. updating over and over.. well.. let me tell you guys something:
first of all, you're definitely updating.. and most definitely you're up to date.
secondly, did you ever thought someone implemented a time machine in the meantime.. you are actually going back in time. tell me about it, huh. lucky!  :D


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