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an interesting and astonishing test about browsers
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:09:15 AM »
Looking for I-Net securtiy I found this

Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon
Comodo is set up as a parallel to Chrome or Firefox minus some of the tracking and with some extra added layers of security. Impressive as this sounds on paper, in practice both are modified browsers with some bloat on top. There are other Chromium- and Firefox-based browsers in this list that are more worthy of your time.

Globus is a secure browser that uses VPN servers to ensure your communication is secure and private. It means that your traffic cannot be tracked by third parties like ISPs.
The browser also protects you from malware, blocking a common way for hackers to infiltrate your system.

"Impressive as this sounds" for Globus VPN!

And after further search I found this (sounds "Impressive", too):

Globus VPN ? Globus VPN was identified in an academic paper because its Android VPN app is considered malicious or intrusive.

Can you trust, then, Globus VPN as a browser for Windows a.s.o.?

No news but nevertheless worthless to be mentioned:

With the growing interest in online privacy and security, there are new VPN services popping up every week, promising 100% online anonymity and a ?secure and private? browsing experience. And of course, you'll find plenty of fake reviews to tell you they're legit.
... I?ve found that many VPNs are misleading people with false marketing claims, sales gimmicks, and various scams. And because VPNs are usually located in various overseas jurisdictions, they will probably never be held accountable for dishonest marketing or outright fraud.
Since most people don?t know what to watch out for, many fall victim to these common VPN scams.

Here are seven issues to avoid:
look open the link!

Here are some VPNs you can trust according to the author of

You can protect yourself right now with the privacy tools below.
click the link above
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