Author Topic: Tutorial on how to make CFP3 work nicely with Vista and UAC.  (Read 68978 times)

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Re: Tutorial on how to make CFP3 work nicely with Vista and UAC.
« Reply #30 on: September 16, 2008, 04:33:19 PM »
I recently installed Comodo CFP firewall on my Vista-based Desktop. There were several attempts nesscesary. Install without Windows firewall and Avira active, looked like something. No warning during installation when these programs were active. No documentation from Comodo on this issue, no warnings, no shield icon after. At a certain point nothing of Comodo happens to be  installed actually, although Vista responded "full green protection". A virus attack hit me, but Avira killed it.  After de-installation of Comodo, Vista responded, believe it or not, full protection by the firewall Comodo.
To activate CFP-icon on Desktop without being Administrator, results into looping.
To activate CFP-icon on Desktop being Administrator results into 2 CFP.exe active in Task Planner.
After ending the second Administrative occurence, both CFP.exe stay active and the Comodo shield remains on the Task Bar.

The tutorial on this Forum how to solve this itrouble, is perfect!! Wonder why Comodo install procedure doesn't do this stream of actions. I know nothing of Windows, and like to keep it that way. It is no evidence four billion of people take a course when one plummer doesn't know what he is doing. 



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