Author Topic: OBS Studio plugin uses SSDP on multicast - Receiver blocks reception of traffic  (Read 791 times)

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It doesn't matter what IP addresses is being used, as long as the rule is set to type any for the address fields for both source and destination address. Again, you're thinking way to hard about something that is very simple to do, in fact you knowing that its local network traffic is more of a reason to NOT create rules based on IP addresses. See my screenshot of what I mean by setting the address to any for both the source and destination address of the allow rule. Then just set the destination port(s) if you know what it needs, otherwise you can also set the destination ports to any.
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As a test, how about deleting all Global rules and adding a Global rule that Allows everything In and Out and then create an application rule (also added at the top of the list) with Action Ask, Protocol IP, Direction In, Address Any, Port Any to check if that application would receive the incoming request after answering Allow on the FW Alert pop up?


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