Author Topic: No option to manage Anitvirus/Firwall Settings for policies via CESM  (Read 2664 times)

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I installed CESM 3.0.61203.19 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, which is a Domain Controller too. I also deployed AntiVirus + Firewall using CESM on the same server machine. I have a few questions:

This comment (;msg734201#msg734201) says Firewall is not available for a Push installation. Does it mean if I download from CESM and then install, the Firewall would be available on the server?
If yes, is it okay to do a manual install on the server if a push installation was already done earlier.
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Re: No option to manage Anitvirus/Firwall Settings for policies via CESM
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1.Please make sure ESM Agent and Comodo Antivirus for servers is installed on the server. Make sure the server is restarted once the Comodo Antivirus for servers is installed.

If you have only the ESM agent installed, used the add->managed option to install it .

If the option to install it is grayed out, you need to download the security packages Preferences->Packages->available packages.
Try again to deploy the security package.

If you already have deployed it, make sure the server is restarted.
Once the server is restarted, create a policy based on your server.

2. Comodo Antivirus for servers doesn't include the Firewall security layer

Even if you use push or manual install of CES/CAS , on windows servers it will install CAS without Firewall.
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