Author Topic: Configuring CESM 3.3 to work with Windows 7 Firewall ?  (Read 3044 times)

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Configuring CESM 3.3 to work with Windows 7 Firewall ?
« on: June 03, 2015, 07:36:15 PM »
Hi, I'm quite new to CESM.
I've got the CESM server running on Windows 7 and trying to deploy Sandbox and AntiVirus to Server 2003 on a different domain than my Windows 7 computer.

First problem I hit was it would not deploy the agent so I installed the agent manually on the Server 2003 then the deployment in CESM gets past the agent install and displays Former Comodo Security Product uninstall 33% and there is stops and stays.

I have downloaded the package and tried to install it manually this is the tail end of the log file

[23:42:25:683] MSI property ProductName value is 'COMODO Internet Security'
[23:42:25:792] MSI property ProductCode value is '{1344ED2B-1451-41B1-A21E-F0D7126AC6F1}'
[23:42:25:870] MSI property UpgradeCode value is '{B9D3F17C-97D2-4285-9964-BFD6ADFFE38F}'
[23:42:25:933] MSI property ProductVersion value is ''
[23:42:26:011] MSI property Manufacturer value is 'COMODO Security Solutions Inc.'
[23:42:26:058] MSI platform is 'Intel' (32)
[23:42:26:089] COMODO Antivirus for Servers installation has failed
[23:42:26:105] Product (un)installation failed with error: 1603

There have never been any other Comodo Security Products installed on the Server 2003. I did try to install CAV but of course it stops and says it cannot be installed on Server 2003, hence me trying to use CESM to deploy CAV for Servers.
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Re: Former Comodo Security Product uninstall ?
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2015, 09:40:54 PM »
It's okay thank you I found the fault and feel a bit foolish. I checked the
firewall was off on Server 2003 but it was on on my Windows 7 computer. I
turned it off and CESM sprung into life and works fine now. Installed CAV on
Server 2003, now installing it on an XP PC then an XP laptop. I am happy. :)

Is there a way I can configure Windows 7 Firewall to allow CESM to work
normally with the Firewall up please ?


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