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Re: Feedback on Help, FAQs and Guides
« Reply #45 on: April 05, 2014, 04:24:28 AM »

Having problems with the v7 CIS Firewall update, so I tried to uninstall. Used the uninstaller tool (or cleanup tool) batch file and it hasn't removed it all.

I no longer get a popoup saying that Comodo can't start on boot, but Comodo still appears in the Programs list.

OS is XP SP3, with NOD32 v4 AV.

One more thing - the uninstaller seems to have broken my version of MS ActiveSync - it can't see my PDA any more and I just get a black square in the system tray where the icon used to be. Further update. Another reboot seems to have fixed ActiveSync. Comodo is still in Programs list, though.

Just reporting this as requested in the "Completely uninstalling CIS " thread so the tool can become further improved.

It's a pity Comodo can't engineer an uninstaller correctly in the first place, rather than rely on community developed batch files.

Thanks for the feedback.

Can you give me a link to the guide you followed please? It should say 'use the normal uninstaller first then the batch file'

I agree there should be an official one. The current main one is adapted from a former semi-official uninstaller coded by a Geekbuddy.

Best wishes



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