Author Topic: What are CLSID's {XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX} on protected COM? [v5/6]  (Read 3972 times)

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On Advanced Settings ~ Security Settings ~ Defense Plus ~ HIPS ~ "Protected COM Interfaces" there are several Class ID's:

First what is a CLSID? (source)
A CLSID is a globally unique identifier that identifies a COM class object.
If your server or container allows linking to its embedded objects, you need to register a CLSID for each supported class of objects.

Here are some of the class IDs mentioned (this list is somewhat out of date - volunteers needed to update it please PM me or Ronny!):
{8856F961-340A-11D0-A96B-00C04FD705A2}C:\Windows\System32\ieframe.dll / Shell.Explorer.2
{FBF23B40-E3F0-101B-8488-00AA003E56F8}C:\Windows\System32\ieframe.dll / InternetShortcut
{9BA05972-F6A8-11CF-A442-00A0C90A8F39}ShellWindows / Interactive User
{75048700-EF1F-11D0-9888-006097DEACF9}%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll / ActiveDesktop
{4590F811-1D3A-11D0-891F-00AA004B2E24}%systemroot%\system32\wbem\wbemprox.dll / WBEM Locator
{4991D34B-80A1-4291-83B6-3328366B9097}Background Intelligent Transfer Control Class
{5CE34C0D-0DC9-4C1F-897C-DAA1B78CEE7C}C:\Windows\system32\qmgrprxy.dll / PSFactoryBuffer
{8BC3F05E-D86B-11D0-A075-00C04FB68820}Windows Management and Instrumentation / winmgmt
{B69003B3-C55E-4B48-836C-BC5946FC3B28}C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger\msgsc.{versionnumber}.dll
{F935DC22-1CF0-11D0-ADB9-00C04FD58A0B}C:\Windows\system32\wshom.ocx / Windows Script Host Shell Object
{EE140200-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}{Unknown have more info? please PM me}

Adapted for version 6 by mouse from an original post by Ronny
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