Author Topic: leaking information via browsers  (Read 8542 times)

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leaking information via browsers
« on: September 06, 2009, 03:08:58 PM »

    comodo internet  security  software helping me a  lot.but,some times,unknown people  willing to  track  my  internet  usage,it has  been  happening via browser  cache.i'm  looking for  help .they  looking to   update  my system settings,

if  i use  any secure  tunnel ,its  limited to browser  traffic(no security for  system files and  personal files)   ,they are damaging sound  drivers,i 'm not knowing  the solution's to  save  my sound drivers  every time,no sounds at  my  system since a  couple of  weeks.

there few  times only when formatting  completed .is there  any settings at  comodo to   watch  "unknown  people accessing the system working   files"

any fake  IPs,but,i can know  if  any new  net work entered in my system with comodo message.

your  help  really  save  my  longtime  issue.

Thank you


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