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Comodo Battery Saver 1.2.3 Translation of Chinese
« on: May 21, 2015, 03:12:57 AM »
1、Battery Info:电池信息。
Time Left:充电完成剩余时间。
Intelligent Options:智能选择。
Quick Actions:快捷操作。
Disable features to extend battery life:禁用功能,延长电池寿命。
Current Mode:当前模式
My Custom Mode:自定义模式

点开Intelligent Options:智能选择
Low Power Auto Save:低电量自动节能模式
Start Economy Mode when battery <=20%:当电量小于20%时,启动骨灰级模式
Start Economy Mode when battery falls to:根据此滑块,设置自动进入节能模式的电量百分

Switch to:  Economy Mode>:根据箭头,设置自动进入节能模式的模式类型。
Will revert to previous mode when battery reaches 20%
(unless manually changed by user)

Scheduled mode switch:定时切换电量模式
Switch to Economy Mode between 23:00-09:00 :在此夜间时间,自动切换到骨灰级节能模式(

Disable features when device locked:锁定时,关闭一些功能
Turn off WiFi,Bluetooch,2G/3G 1minute after locking:锁屏1分钟后关闭WIFI,蓝牙,


Quick Charge:快速充电。
During this stage,your phone is using a high current to charge quickly:在这个阶段,


Cycle Charge:循环充电
The charging current is gradually reduced as the battery moves towards full charge:

Trickle Charge:涓流微冲
Charging is nearly complete。Your battery is absorbing small amounts of current in
order to fully charge and improve standby time:

3、Save Mode:省电模式
1)、Normal Mode:正常模式
Few features are switched off:关闭少量的功能。
2)、Power Saving Mode:省电模式
More features,including Wi-Fi are switched off:关闭大量的功能,包括Wi-Fi
3)、Economy Mode:骨灰级模式
Only calls and SMSes allowed:只允许电话和短信

Customizable Modes:自定义模式
4)、Reading Mode:阅读模式
Recommended for reading:推荐阅读的时候设置
5)、Cinema Model:影院模式
Quiet settings for cinemas and meetings:在电影院和会议的时候安静设置
6)、Gaming Model:游戏模式
7)、My Custom Mode:自定义模式
Your own power settings:你自己的设置。
Create new custom mode:创建新的自定义模式

Screen Timeout:屏幕超时
Set screen timeout shorter to save battery 30s> :根据箭头选择,屏幕超时时间
Screen Brightness:屏幕亮度
Set screen brightness lower to save battery 50%> :根据箭头选择,屏幕亮度
Vibration Alert:震动警报(Silent mode:静音模式)
Turn off vibration alert to save battery ON> :根据箭头选择,是否开启
Turn off WIFI to save battery:是否关闭WIFI
Mobile Network:移动2G/3G/4G。
Turn off data access to save battery:是否关闭移动网络。
Auto Sync:自动同步
Turn off auto sync to save battery:是否关闭自动同步
Turn off bluetooth to save battery:是否关闭蓝牙
Touch Feedback:触摸反馈
Turn off touch feedbackto save battery:是否关闭。

Implementing these changes will reduce battery life by 3 hours:选用此模式将减少电池

Implementing these changes will extend battery life by 5 hours:选用此模式将增加电池

The following settings will be implemented:选用此模式

Display battery info in status bar:在状态栏显示电池信息。
Remind after full charge:电池充满提醒
23:00-9:00 No Vibrate and Ring:此夜间的时间段,不提醒。
Intelligent Options:智能选择。
Settings that automatically save power:自动设置省电模式
Report to Comodo Forum:报告给Comodo论坛
Software and Updates:软件与更新
Check for updates:检测更新
Automatically check for updates:自动检测更新
CBS V1.2.3:comodo 电池管理版本号

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Re: Comodo Battery Saver 1.2.3 Translation of Chinese
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cbs: Your batterry conservation skills are the stuff of lithium legend. Keep up the good work!


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