Author Topic: case study: PRCS trusts Comodo technology to secure and protect its endpoints  (Read 2809 times)

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Comodo has posted its latest endpoint security case study, focused on how Proactive Remote Computer Solutions uses Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (ESM) to secure and protect its endpoints. 

PRCS is a managed services provider offering complete IT system management.  Said  Chad Barnard, the CEO of Proactive Remote Computer Solutions: 

"The unique containment technology that makes up the foundation of Comodo Endpoint Security Manager is completely different than anything in the market today – focusing on prevention, not detection – and that's what sets it apart.  Also the ESM dashboard allows for panoramic insight and control over all aspects of endpoint protection for both me and my customers – saving me time, money and resources – without sacrificing features or security protection."

Read the full case study with Proactive Remote Computer Solutions and let us know what you think:


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