Author Topic: CFP [XP SP3] zone disappears on reboot from "My Network Zones"  (Read 2925 times)

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OS: Windows XP SP3
CFP v3.0.25.378

Sorry if you are already aware of the issue. I did not do a proper search.

Problem description: A network zone is disappearing after reboot

I click on "Add" and select "A New Network Zone".
I give the name "Test1" to this zone.
I add the following single IP address to this zone:
Now when I look at what is in MY NETWORK ZONES, "Test1" shows up fine.
So far so good.
Next, I reboot the machine.
Now when I look at what is in MY NETWORK ZONES, "Test1" has disappeared.

I repeated the above process with other publicly accessible IP addresses like and

"Test1" kept disappearing after a reboot.

PS: This problem does not occur in CFP v3.0.24.368
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