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Slooow login with CTM
« on: April 21, 2010, 10:48:21 PM »
I did a clean Win7 x64 install this past weekend.  Spent many hours installing updated drivers and software.
I decided to give CTM a test run.
It (this version release) installed correctly [I say].
After two days, it did it's thing at (cold) bootup, and I seemed pleased it was functioning as expected.
Soon after, (the past two days), logins have become very slow, both relog-in and boot login.
I uninstalled CTM (it did this correctly, albeit slowly).  I was able to start windows and log in (obviously, as I am here).
My login time has reduced back to normal.

On a second note, CTM has taken 50GB of space from a drive I told it not to protect.   500G drive, formatted NTFS has 465G space.  250G used by myself, leaves 200G available.  Currently states I only have 144G space available, data volume has not grown, still at 250G.
Upon uninstall, it did not return my drive space to me.
(How do I retrieve my drive space back without losing my data?)

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