Author Topic: CMT wrecks MBR, changes drive letters, had to reinstall  (Read 8495 times)

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CMT wrecks MBR, changes drive letters, had to reinstall
« on: April 21, 2011, 12:30:30 PM »
SYSTEM: Windows 7 64-Bit
running apps/services:
Comodo IS
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I installed CMT, created a snapshot, then proceeded to install 4 or 5 more comodo apps - rebooted after installing them and when it restarted it appeared to have restored the computer back to just after I installed CMT..?? so, I uninstalled AVAST (as it replaced this for Comodo Internet Security) I then reboot and after that windows would not start... the CMT login screen would appear then I get a corrupt MBR/MBR could not be found message, I tried Windows Startup Repair which found errors but could not fix them, it also reported the system being on partition D:\ when it was on C:\ before.. I tried to use all my Live LINUX discs to try and rescue some important files off the drive before re-installing windows (then restoring with an Acronis Backup, this backup was 2 weeks old though) but all of these would just freeze nearing end of setup??? they used to work before this? - the CMT login at boot would not work asking for username and password which wouldnt work from what I set it at when I was asked to do so in windows by CMT - this is my only computer, I had an old Acronis Boot Disk which wouldnt load the newer .TIB file but i was able to view the drives - the drive letters had been definitely been changed..
before CMT installed
PARTITION1 : (hidden) use for windows 7
PARTITION2: C:\ (Windows7 64-bit)
PARTITION3: D:\ (Downloads)
after CMT installed, viewed through Acronis Boot Disk (and startup repair)
PARTITION1: C:\ (use for windows7)
PARTITION2: D:\ (Windows7 64-bit)
PARTITION3: E:\ (Downloads)
so... all i done was install CMT and some other comodo programs and my computer was wrecked... it took me several hours (2am-8am) to sort it out - in the end I had to reinstall windows 7 without formatting the drive so it would backup my old fies in windows.old folder, rescue the files then restore the computer using the 2 week old Acronis Backup I had...

after some searching it appears that CMT is notorious for this... :( wished I reviewed it first.

this post (and all the others on this and other forums) serves as a warning for those wanting to try it out...
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