Author Topic: Strange things on my computer, detected some malware, but i guess not all  (Read 15416 times)

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Re: Strange things on my computer, detected some malware, but i guess not all
« Reply #15 on: February 07, 2012, 08:34:16 AM »
Finally uninstalling CIS solved the memory overusage and lag problem. Perhaps there was no malware, its just a CIS bug. Nowadays Comodo products are dross. I used dragon as well, but its crashing randomly all the time, and after restarting it it loads up the previous pages duplicated. I switched to Outpost and Iron and now everythings ok, no crashes no lag, everything runs lightning fast.

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I mean lets say if i inject harmful code into a process that is on that list, will it be safe running that code ?
At the very least it would invalidate the digital verification.

I always find it hard to trust a computer once it becomes infected.

these pesky rootkits like to stick on kernel mode processes, to drivers and such, so that they can hide in the shadows. Youll never find em this way
Some rootkit writers don't bother going deep in the kernel because they don't need to and it would be more work then necessary and it could cause problem and tip off the user. 

P.S.  putting it in the kernel don't make it harder to hide, just harder to clean.  That's all
It's hard being a crooked Admin when the files won't pass an md5checksum test.  But like any other good crooked Admin it can be done, it just takes time(and lots of it) and a few aspirins


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