Author Topic: PLEASE VOTE HERE!!!!!! (If you are running a poll then pls put a link here!)  (Read 42809 times)

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The idea is already in the waiting area, now please vote yes!
Ability To Detect When Exploits Try To Deliver Payload And Sandbox Payload [W19]

1 vote yes is required to accept! :D
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After Rating Scan, Unknown Files Should Be Added to Unrecognized Files List [W1]
It will be usefull for me and us. It will improve usability of CIS.
Thanks for your votes  :-TU
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Here is my poll (boot-time scan for CIS)

You can vote if you find this useful. It will be then up to the devs to integrate the feature,
if they can or think that it has enough value for COMODO.

Thanks ;)
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