Author Topic: Chrome V9 is released...Dragon once again a big step behind...  (Read 21659 times)

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Re: Chrome V9 is released...Dragon once again a big step behind...
« Reply #45 on: February 20, 2011, 02:13:17 AM »
no one knows...of course...Comodo will always claim Dragon is safer..but I am holes found in chrome should work in Dragon too...if would be nice to hear some explain why not..
Comodo is not alone claiming to be fastest, and safest they all do this. Remember Dragon is Chromium based not Chrome based, so any security holes in Chrome are not necessarily in Dragon. Besides that, not all updates are security based. Take Opera for example they recommend using an older version of their browser for older systems with less system resources. If older versions were going to pose a security risk I don't really think Opera would do this. Version updates are not always security related, and in Chromes case a Version update maybe for stabilty, security, speed or simply a bug fix that other Chromium based browsers didn't even encounter. Just my thoughts. Kind regards.
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