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Re: Cyber Terrorism
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All this talk of 'Cyber terrorism' reminds me of how 'terrorism' has been used to frighten people into accepting the sinister changes that denies us liberty. Internet 2 being one, 'Trusted computing' being another, also known as 'trecherous computing'.

How many people here are considered that a lot of this is getting them ready to give up more of their liberty to be controlled by corporates and govenments. To be watched and controlled on the internet like they are watched on the street all in the name of 'terrorism'?

How many people realise that along with the new 'trusted' comes the ability of corporates and govenments to deny us free speech. Bloggers will no longer be able to express themselves when they are signed up to an account like myspace (a test bed for internet2) where the owners will simply censor you for breaching their conditions. Bloggers can't have their own website because it will now cost as much as advertising on tv because that's the cost of corporate ownership.

So for a free internet we are all happy to turn it all over to corporate ownership and accept the poliitical and commercial control of our freedom all in the name of cyber terrorism?

Whilst it has to be recognised that malware and their perpetrators are without doubt an issue that must be addresses, the solution proposed is not healthy and history shows us that the Rechtag Fire is a great way to give us the so called solution to all our poblems which will turn out to be more against US than the terrorists it proposes to stop.

Beware what you wish for - "If you give up your liberty in exchange for security you WILL lose both"

I would like Melih and Comodo to recognise the cost of such proposals and a clear statement that they whilst they support security and trust on the internet they are also commited to preserving the freedom the internet allows. Otherwise, I can only assume they are co-consipirators to the hidden agenda to limit the net and it's freedom by proposing that the only solution to security is to control US  not the terrorists. Remember "Trusted computing' is about not trusting YOU. Don't be fooled into thinking that is a solution and the coporates that claim it's the ONLY solution.
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